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In life, we get choices...

We can choose where we live, what we eat, and what video we wish to rent, but in politics, voters are often forced to vote strategically or gamble with their votes.

The concept of choice voting is simple.

Instead of only marking an X, you can list your first choice and your second choice if you have one. If no candidate gets a majority, the last placed candidates are dropped and their votes will go to their voters second choice.

For Mayors, MLAs, or MPs, this is the simplest way to fix our voting system. The ridings and number of MLAs stays the same and there is no need for a referendum, only a small change in how votes are counted. Choice voting is already used for elections around the world and in many organization, business and cities. Choice voting is also known in Canada as the alternative vote or instant-runoff voting.

Choice Voting will:

End strategic voting.
Voters can place a protest vote without wasting their vote.
Reduce negative campaigning.
Candidates who build broadest community support will benefit.
Encourage participation.
More quality independents can run without splitting the vote.

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